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AI and events: Exploring the possibilities

3 ways artificial intelligence can enhance in-person experiences

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What You’ll Learn

Your AI-enabled event future is here — are you ready to get real…techy?

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. And that includes events. It’s already making an impact on how we plan and there’s much more to come. You don’t need to be techy to get in on the action, but it helps to get some insight from the pros.

The Freeman agency team works with artificial intelligence in a variety of ways, so we sat down to get the latest scoop on what they’re seeing.

In this new guide AI at Events, discover how these applications are impacting events, some interesting ideas to try right now, and what event marketers can prepare for as the technology evolves.

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Ready to explore how AI can enhance your next event?

Let's talk tech.

Let's talk tech.

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